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Retirement Livery

A dedicated haven for your horse to enjoy their retirement in the stunning Norfolk countryside. Our retired horses are matched with other like-minded friends in a small herd to enjoy the peace and quiet of High Ash Farm.


It's not just the oldies that can enjoy our peaceful retirement livery, we welcome any horses that want to live out their days strolling around a paddock, injury or illness, young or old, any non-ridden equine is welcome to stay.

We offer a full care package by our dedicated, qualified staff, this minimises disruption to our herd. Without the daily comings and goings and movement of horses in and out they are able to relax in their environment, true retirement heaven!


  • 24/7 all year round grazing in a well-managed and superbly maintained paddock. There are 17 acres to roam around with some gentle hills and 3 acres of cozy woodland for shelter.

  • Comprehensive daily checks which include rug changes, feeding, foot maintenance and grooming

  • Vet, farrier, and dentist holds and administering worm treatments.

  • High quality Ad-lib hay as required.

  • Sensitive handling of end-of-life options with exclusive access to woodland burial

  • Owners can visit as often as they like or not at all if visiting is not possible.

  • If you own another ridden horse, then you gain free access to the extensive private off-road hacking and cross country at High Ash Farm

  • £295 per month

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