Livery Prices


Ad Lib Hay

As much hay as your horse needs

£30 Per Month

Grass Livery

Stabled livery

Full Livery

£95 Per Month


£175 Per Month

£455 Per Month

Assisted Livery Services

Turn out
(can include giving a feed first

and rug change)


Bring In
(can include giving a feed,hay net,

rug change and picking out hooves)


Muck out
(includes filling hay net and water

and feed bowls scrubbed and filled)

Field poo-picking
(1 barrow)

Vet/Farrier hold
(up to 30 mins)


Tack clean



Full livery package
Turn out / muck out /
bring in full

/ 1 poo pick (7 days)










£280 (monthly)

£66 (weekly)