2016 crop is now sold out.

High Ash Farm offers 2 types of hay for sale in extra large 5ft round bales. All the hay from High Ash is weed free and guaranteed to have only been harvested in the best weather conditions.

The hay is stored on pallets in a modern sealed barn. The 2016 crop is currently being sold and is ready for feeding to your horse now, it can be kept in storage for a minimum of two years (due to the low moisture content).

All bales are £50 each and weigh at least 300kg (twice the size of a 4ft round bale). They are baled using the latest Lely 2013 baler which packs 20% more hay into each bale than a standard baler! Our 5ft bales are equivalent to 20 conventional small bales so it is the same as paying £2.50 per bale!

Fine Low Nutrition Hay

This is very fine, soft red fescue hay. It is harvested late (after seeds fall) to reduce the level of sugar and energy. This hay is particularly suitable for horses prone to laminitis or for older horses who do not like coarse hay. A full nutritional analysis with supplement recommendations from Simple Systems is available free of charge.

High Ash Equine Mix

High Ash Farm has been providing hay for the livery yard and the working horses at the farm for over 100 years. We know how to harvest the best crop and which mix of grasses works best. The High Ash Equine Mix is predominately rye grass and timothy. As with the low nutrition hay there is a full nutritional analysis with supplement recommendations available if you require.


You are welcome to collect hay from High Ash Farm where we can load your trailer/pickup.If you require delivery then this can be arranged at very competitive rates, just contact us for a quote.If you would like to purchase any hay or have any further questions then please either call Daniel Skinner on 07956 910422 or email info@highashfarm.com